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The inclusion of personal pronouns in works like Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face) (1981) and Untitled (I Shop Therefore I Am) (1987) implicates viewers by confounding any clear notion of who is speaking.

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Barbara Kruger: Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face, Feminist Art. 'Il tuo sguardo colpisce un lato della mia faccia', 1981 - Riporto fotografico su vinile, 139,7×104,1 cm. La psicanalisi aiutò alcune artiste femministe negli anni Ottanta a criticare le strutture di potere non dell'arte alta ma anche della cultura...

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Barbara Kruger, I Will Not Become ..., 1983 Barbara Kruger, Put Your Eye Back In... , 1982 Barbara Kruger, We Refuse To Be... , 1983. Barbara Kruger, Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face , 1982.

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Barbara Kruger's Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face) makes the viewer consider which of the following issues? historical occurrences and contemporary viewpoints.

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Barbara Kruger placed a direct and concise caption across the surface of a photograph proclaiming social, cultural, and political critique.

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Monday, November 7, 2011. Barbara Kruger's 'Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face)' (1981). Seduce, then accost.

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Specifically, in Untitled (Your Gaze Hits The Side of My Face), Kruger implies the strength and control women posses when it comes to the power of men.

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A focused exhibition featuring the work of American artist Barbara Kruger (b. 1945) reopens the East Building Tower Gallery after nearly three years of renovation to the space.

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*Barbara Kruger, Untitled (You Invest in the Divinity of the Masterpiece), 1982. *Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of my Face), 1981. *Barbara Kruger, Untitled (What Big Muscles you have), 1986.

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Barbara Kruger Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face), 1982. Permalink Posted on August 6, 2011 #art.

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Barbara Kruger Know nothing Believe anything Forget everything, Barbara Kruger Love is something you fall into, Barbara Kruger The future

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Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face),1983 #womensart

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Many of these religious groups moved to Israel in the face of rising anti-Semitism though most members of this group oppose the state.

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© Barbara Kruger. Untitled (Your gaze hits the side of my face). 1981. Photograph. 55 × 41 inches. Courtesy of Mary Boone Gallery, New York. © Barbara Kruger. Untitled (Your comfort is my silence).

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Art Challenges Art challenges culture to change. Confronting Social issues. "Guarded View" by Fred Wilson Barbara Kruger Fred Wilson, "Guarded View", 1991, New York. (Accessed September 20, 2013). Barbara Kruger, "Untitled (Your Gaze Hits The Side Of My Face)...

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American conceptual/pop artist Barbara Kruger was born in Newark, New Jersey in 1945 and left there in 1964 to attend Syracuse University.

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Kruger incorporated the layout techniques of the mass media to create a familiar advertising format that she then subverted in order to expose the deceptiveness of the media messages. 36-36: BARBARA KRUGER, Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face), 1983.

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General CommentThis song is a tribute to the artist Barbara Kruger. It takes lines from some of her works (like "Your gaze hits the side of my face" and "I am your slice of life" and "You destroy what you think is difference").

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(236) Barbara Kruger. Untitled (Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face), 1981 site with 17 images site with 8 images site with 9 images.

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Barbara Kruger Your gaze hits the side of my face 1981. Barbara Kruger What big muscles you have! 1986. Betye Saar The liberation of aunt jemima 1972. Chris Ofili The Holy virgin Mary 1996. Cindy Sherman Untitled film still #14 1978.

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In 2010, Barbara Kruger designed W Magazine's cover for their annual art issue, which featured a nude picture of Kim Kardashian censored with Kruger's

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July 26, 1992 - SHAUNA SNOW, TIMES STAFF WRITER. Angelenos no longer have Barbara Kruger to do their political questioning.

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A typical work of Barbara Kruger would be a black and white image, with a text in white with a red background, so that it grabs your attention.

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Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Your gaze hits the side of my face), 1981 photograph and type on paper 9 3/8 x 7 inches (23.8 x 17.8 cm).

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Barbara Kruger addresses media and politics in their native tongue: tabloid, sensational, authoritative, and direct.

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Craig Owens's discussion of Barbara Kruger's photo-montage, Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face , 1981 (in which the title is collaged over an image culled from a '50s photo-annual of a stone female bust) exemplifies this linkage of the gaze to questions of male identity and behavior.

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Both of pictures from Barbara Kruger are graphic photos. She perfected a signature agitprop style and using cropped, large scale, black-and-white photo combine with pity and often ironic aphorism and

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Like Goldstein, Kruger deals with surfaces and the way we see things. I read that this work is about the male gaze silencing the female subject.

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Barbara Kruger was born on January 26, 1945, in Newark, New Jersey. She went to Parsons School of Design in New York.

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During the early 1980s Barbara Kruger perfected a signature agitprop style, using cropped, large-scale, black-and-white photographic images juxtaposed

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×. BARBARA KRUGER Kruger focuses her attention on social issues which expose myths that surround capitalism, consumerism, the power of

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Barbara Kruger Barbara Kruger became an art-world star with her bold, graphic creations built around wordplay. Her work holds up a mirror to society's views on power and, notably, sexuality with powerful sayings like "Your body is a battleground" and "Your gaze hits the side of my face."

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Design wizard, outspoken feminist, reality T.V. junkie - of course we are talking about Barbara Kruger.

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Barbara Kruger gained notoriety in the 1980s through constructed collages that juxtapose incisive and implicative phrases atop mass-produced and circulated imagery. Works such as Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face (1982), We Won't Play Nature to Your Culture (1983), and Untitled...

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Famed collage artist Barbara Kruger has collaborated with Freeway Eyewear to create three different styles of the Los Angeles brand's L.A. Rays sunglasses. All three showcase the phrase "Your gaze hits the side of my face," printed on the exterior of the arm and borrowed from a Kruger piece circa 1981...

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I shop therefore I am by Barbara Kruger on artnet. 470 x 470 jpeg 47 КБ.

I Am, Therefore I Shop (At American Eagle)

It looks a lot like the streetwear brand Supreme, which is to say it looks like the work of the artist Barbara Kruger.

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By 1979 Barbara Kruger stopped taking photographs and began to employ found images in her art, mostly from mid-century American print-media