Can you bring back cuban cigars to the us

Americans Can Now Bring Cuban Cigars Back... - Cigar Aficionado
It’s now legal to bringCubancigarsbacktotheUnitedStates from anywhere, but restrictions still apply and some questions remain unanswered. The traveler stood in line at JFK. In his bags, he had $2,000 worth of Cubancigars that he had purchased in London.

Can you bring Cuban cigars from Canada into the US?
I know that you can purchase Cubans in Canada but I don't know if it is legal to bring them back across the border into theUnitedStates.

Can I bring Cuban cigars to the U.S. now? - Quora
Officially, you may now bringCubanCigars into theUnitedStates provided that you personally went to Cuba and obtained them and they are less than $100. The current situation is fluid and regulations and restriction will probably change several times as theUS and Cuba (and the Executive [President].

Cuban Cigars and the Updated Laws
Cubancigars are now legal in theUnitedStates when it comes to traveling abroad and bringing them back into the country for personal use. However, if U.S. citizens attempt to sell Cubancigars within theUnitedStates, they may be subject to fines and other penalties.

US ends limit on amount of Cuban rum and cigars travelers can bring...
Cuban rum and cigars, which were strictly illegal in theUS during the half-century embargo of the island nation can now be broughtbacktotheUS by travelers in the same quantities that would be allowed from other countries. The change is a result of an executive order signed by Barack Obama.

Yes, You Can Bring Cuban Cigars Into the U.S.
If youbringback more than 100 cigars or less than 100 cigars worth more than $800, you will pay normal duty fees. The new rules apply not only for purchases in Cuba but also the purchase of Cubancigars in other countries broughtbacktotheU.S. You can bringback 100 cigars.

Yes, you can now bring back Cuban cigars... - The Washington Post
According tothe Obama administration, licensed U.S. travelers to Cuba will be able to bringback $400 worth of goods and merchandise, of which no