Can you get period like pains in early pregnancy

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Pregnancy: Early in pregnancy, you may experience mild or light cramping. These cramps will probably feel like the light cramps youget during your period, but they’ll be in your lower stomach or lower back. If you have a history of pregnancy loss, don’t ignore these symptoms. Rest. If they don’t.

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Your symptoms certainly sound likeearlypregnancy, and it's definitely not unheard of to get a positive on one pregnancy test and a negative on another because of variables like

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It's not really "periodpains" -- it's cramping of the uterus and yes, you can get them all through pregnancy. As the fetus grows, the uterus has to expand, and it cramps as it does so. Late in pregnancy, the uterus will begin "practicing" for labor by causing what are called.

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These cramps will probably feel like the light youget during your period, but they'll be in lower stomach or back. Mom cramping inearlypregnancy first signs of before missing a periodpains madeformums chat. Tell your doctor so they can check on whether you have a yeast or bacterial.