Connecting an hdmi cable from a laptop to a tv

How to Use HDMI* to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV
Dave Taylor shows how to connect your laptopto your TV using a simple HDMI* cable to stream anything you like from your computer to your HDTV.

Can't Get Sound on my TV When Connected to my Laptop with HDMI...
I have my laptop (HP) connected to my Sony TV with anHDMIcable. It used to work perfectly. I still get the picture, but no sound. I tested the HDMIcable, and it's good.

How to Connect an HDMI Cable From a Laptop to a Sony TV
Use ahighdefinitionmultimediainterfacecable to connect your laptopto your Sony LCD TV to enjoy your digital videos, websites and photos on the TV's larger screen. HDMI carries both audio and video signals in a single wire, so you will not have to worry about connectinga bundle of wires.

How to connect an HDMI cable to a laptop - Quora
I assume you would not ask this question if your laptop already has anHDMI output port. (Those come in 3 sizes.) So you need a converter or a USB graphics adapter with HDMI output.

How to connect your laptop to your HDTV without HDMI - PCWorld
If your laptop lacks anHDMI port, connecting it toaTV isn't so easy. But it isn't incredibly difficult either. It's all a matter of figuring out which ports you do

How To Connect A Laptop To A TV Using HDMI Cables
The other key to connectingalaptoptoaTV using HDMI is what’s on the back or side of your laptop. Most machines, unless they’re really outdated or really cheap, also have anHDMI port.

How do I connect my laptop to my TV? - TechRadar
When it comes to connecting your laptopto your big screen television, you've got a number of options to pick from – whether or not you've invested in a smart TV.

How to Connect a Laptop to HDMI TV
Step 3 Switch on your television, connect the HDMIcable with the laptop's HDMI port on one side and the television port on the other side.