Do you need sugar in your diet

Sugar: should we eliminate it from our diet?
We need to make sugar a treat, not a diet staple," Dr. Lustig told The Guardian in 2013. "The food industry has made it into a diet staple because they know when they doyou buy more," he added. "This is their hook. If some unscrupulous cereal manufacturer went out and laced your breakfast.

Do You Have Enough Sugar in Your Diet?
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Why your body needs sugar - Health24
Our bodies all needsugar (or glucose) to function, which in my mind is why we all should eat sugar, or at least foods that convert into sugar, writes registered

Why You Need To Reduce Sugar In Your Diet
There is sugarin almost every single processed food you buy, in every fruit and many vegetables you eat and likely every drink (except water) you drink.

Got Cancer? Why You Need to Remove Sugar From Your Diet Now.
Elissa eventually successfully cut out sugar from her diet as she fought and survived Lymphoma. She has since become a holistic nutritionist and health coach and explains the connection between cancer and sugar – or the “cancer sugar connection”

Do I need sugar in my diet? - Quora
Is a sugar-free/low sugardiet considered to be a fad diet? Doyouneedsugar to survive? What happens if you stop eating sugar?