Feeling hot and cold but no fever

Feeling hot and cold but no fever
Feelingcold: A sensation of coldness. Being too cold, then too hotand again too cold may indicate that something is not working properly inside the organism. However, there are many medical and psychological reasons why you can have chills, butnofever. At night in bed I will start to get hotand.

Feeling hot and cold but no fever
Feelinghotandcold- Alternating between feelinghot, and maybe sweaty, andcold, and maybe shivering, is an indication that you have a high

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Feelingcold with a normal temperature is somewhat of a vague symptom. You would benefit from a full medical history and symptom review as feelingcold as a single symptom does not truly distinguish what may be the underlying cause. Hope this helps!

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I sometimes feelcold even when the weather isn't cold, and I don't have a fever or a flu. Sometimes I feel so cold that I have to wear 2 layers of clothing and thermals underneath, while everyone else at my house actually feelhot. I don't switch on the fan in my room when I feel like this.

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Fever medications given regularly should help to control the symptoms on their own. In case, the fever increases and persists for a long time, or symptoms like nausea, vomiting

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I feel achy and hot all over, my skin is hot to the touch , and sort of flu-like, but the thermometer always registers as nofever. Anyone else?

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Often, when we feelhot, we also feel as though we have a fever. Sometimes your body feels as though you are in the middle of the desert, but it is snowing outside.