How can you access more of your brain

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Some brain myths just won't go away! "Ultimately, it's not that we use 10% of our brains, merely that we only understand about 10 % of how it functions."

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Howcan NeuroMovement help you tap into yourbrain’s potential? Learn how this holistic approach to health uses neuroplasticity to unleash the power ofyour

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You know how they say we can only access 10% of our brain? This lets youaccess all of it.” And just like that (with the help of a tiny myth), the plot for

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The brain is a living, hard-working organ that governs mostof the body’s functions.[1] However, you can expand your capabilities and use moreofyourbrain

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Howcanyou improve yourbrain power? You sense that you need more intelligence or 'smarts' to keep up and get ahead in this world.

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Our neuron-dense brains have evolved to use the least amount of energy while carrying the most information possible -- a feat that requires the entire brain. Richard E. Cytowic debunks this neurological myth (and explains why we aren't so good at multitasking).

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So howmuchofyourbrain do you actually use? If you've ever believed in the 10% brain myth, you might be surprised to learn that human beings use virtually every part of their