How deep does a pond need to be for bass

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Let's say, some people go for frog ponds that are a foot deep, well what happens is, it's a case of the frogs come and spawn and everything else, but

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A deeperpond allows the koi to hide from predators, like cats, raccoons, egrets and cranes. It also helps minimize the temperature variations in the water during the cold winter and hot summer months.

How deep does a small fish pond need to be
It needstobe atleast 2 ft deep if you want to keep the fish in the cold weather however i would suggest going much deepertobe on the safe size, a small pond can have steep sides to dig to about 3 ft and there will be no problems with the fish in cold weather, other than that it is not important howdeep the.

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1. Pondbassare different than their lake relatives. On big lakes and rivers, you often have tobe fishing using specific lures or techniques to catch bass.

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I like deep grow beds generally. See remember it isn't just how much depth you need for the plants but you also need depth for filtration. Now for growing small things or for a small system on an extreme budget, the mortar tubs with some bracing can work and they are between 6-9 inches deep usually.