How do i cancel a friend request

How to Cancel a Friend Request on Facebook: 10 Steps
This wikiHow teaches you how to delete a Facebook friendrequest that you've sent or an unwanted request that you've received using the Facebook website or the Facebook mobile app.

How to cancel a pending friend request on Snapchat - Quora
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How do I cancel a friend request which I have sent? – Baaz Help...
To cancelafriendrequest on his/her profile page: 1. Go to the profile page of the person you want to remove. 2. Click on the CancelRequest button on the bottom right corner of the cover image. For Android.

How do I cancel a pending friend request? - Help Center
When you have sent afriendrequest but that friend has not yet responded, you can cancel your request by clicking on the grey “Cancelrequest” button on your friends page or on the user’s profile page. At this time, you cannot cancelafriendrequest from a hovercard.

How do you cancel a friend request on Facebook?
To cancelafriendrequest you sent:Click at the top of any Facebook page.Click Find Friends.Click View Sent Requests.Hover over FriendRequest Sent next to the request you'd like to cancel and select CancelRequest. read more.

How do I cancel my friend request? - FAQ View Page
To cancel your friendrequest, please follow the steps below:1. Go to the profile of the member to whom you have sent afriendrequest and for whom you want to cancel the request.2. Click on the “CancelFriendRequest” link on the left

Facebook: How do I cancel a friend request?
Luckily, you can quickly cancel this friendrequest. 1. Log in to your Facebook account. 2. Go to the profile that you want to cancel the friendrequest. There is a small box next to his/her name says “FriendRequest Sent”.