How do you say fun in german

How do you say 'dude' in german? (7 replies)
Some drunk idiot gets on your nerve somewhere, you want to say "Get lost, dude!" yousay "Verzieh dich, Mann!" (literally: "Pull yourself away, man!") Annotation: You might have noticed my excessive use of capital letters. InGerman language, all nouns start with capital letters.

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Q: How to say It seems interesting to me! inGerman? A: Das scheint mir interessant! (human translation). Q: How to say What didyou answer? inGerman? A: Was hast du geantwortet? (human translation).

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15. Howdoyousay 'to put' inGerman? 16. What's allowed in a German sentence? 17. Howdo adjectives behave in this system? 18. Excellent examples for adjective declension. 19. Other articles and how they behave inGerman. 20. A more natural way to get endings right. 21. Howdo reflexive.

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So… howdoyousay hello inGerman? Great question! In this quick lesson (2-3 minute read), you’ll learn the 16 ways and common German greetings.

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I select German as my language, but somehow end up in the class with the French teacher I was trying to avoid. She is extremely stern and well known for refusing to listen to students.