How often should you dry clean a suit

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Youshould only drycleansuits when really really needed because it is not good for the fabric. I wear suits every weekday and dryclean them once every year or so, if that.

How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Suit?
Lately, my clients have been asking me howoften they shoulddryclean their suits, understanding what effect drycleaning can have on asuit’s longevity.

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Howoftenshould I take it to the dry cleaners? Do you mean one suit jacket? As long as you have multiple ties, trousers and shirts you're fine.

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As an alternative to drycleaningsuits, you can spot clean. It’s a good idea to try your hand at spot cleaning first and see if you can get the job done

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Howoftenyou would have to dryclean your suitshould then depend on the frequency of wearing and the type of material that the suit is made of.