How to connect switch to switch in packet tracer

How to connect router , computer , switches in cisco packet tracer
In this tutorial we are going toconnect routers ,pc ,switches using packettracer in the next tutorial we will learn howto routing and IP assign.

How to Connect PC with CISCO Switch in Packet Tracer
Cisco PacketTracer - HowTo Guide - PacketTracer Cable Types - Gokhan Kosem 2 tahun yang lalu. Initial configuration of a Cisco Switch

Switching: How To create Switched Network- learn Switching in...
Its goes toswitch B and switch B forwards to All PC’s in its network. The PC’s to whom the packet was intentionally sent will receive it and rest of other

How to Connect to Cisco Router Console in Cisco Packet Tracer?
After configuring Cisco Routers and Switchesin the Cisco PacketTracer program for the first time with a console connection, we can enable the remote management over the network.