How to enter credit card fees in quickbooks

How do I enter credit card fees when receiving a payment from...
I can't figure out howto deduct the creditcardfee from the deposit amount. I am not using the online service and need some help to figure out howto get this into my QuickBooks. I tried the Receive Payments - didn't work. I tried to go through Make Deposits from undeposited funds- couldn't do it.

How To Enter A Credit Card Payment In QuickBooks Pro
Enteringcreditcard payments into QuickBooks doesn’t have to be confusing. If you’re not sure howtoentercreditcard payments or partial payments, don’t worry.

How to Enter Credit Card Transactions in QuickBooks 2015
The CreditCard register works like the regular register window that you use for a checking account. You enter transactions in the rows of the register. When you record a charge, QuickBooks updates the creditcard balance and the remaining credit limit.

How To Enter Credit Card Charges In Quickbooks -This video shows you howto correctly enter your creditcard charges inQuickbooks, and then correctly reconcile the creditcard and enter a bill for payment.

How to Enter Credit Card Deposits on Quickbooks - Computers
Howto Import CreditCard Information Into QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Online Banking Center provides two options for importing creditcard information into QuickBooks. Web Connect is a more indirect import method, by which you log onto the creditcard company's website and manually import.