How to get a bike in pokemon emerald

Pokemon Emerald Video Game Cheat - GBA - Bike Walkthrough
TogetabikeinPokemonEmerald (and Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire too!) you need to hustle your butt to Mauville City. It's the city that's near the center of the world map. Toget there, head up from Slateport City and take the right path. You'll have to battle lots of Electric Pokemon that can paralyze.

How to Get up Mud Slides in "Pokemon Emerald" - It Still Works
The Mach Bike. "PokemonEmerald's" bicycle shop, Rydel's Cycles, is found in Mauville City, where you'll get your third badge. Access Mauville City for the first time via route 103. Once in town, find the building with bicycles sitting outside and enter. Speak with the owner, who will give you a free bike of.