How to improve data quality in data warehouse

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The first step in improvingdataquality is to uncover your data defects through data profiling, sometimes called data archeology, which is the process of analyzing the data for correctness, completeness, uniqueness, consistency, and reasonability.

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"Using Data Compression toImprove Storage inDataWarehouses" describes how you can use compress data. Database objects that can be compressed include tables and materialized views. For partitioned tables, you can compress some or all partitions.

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Incorrect data leads to false facts and bad decisions indata-driven environments. If dataquality guidelines are not defined, multiple data copies are

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Quality must be baked into the datawarehouse or users will quickly lose faith in the business intelligence produced. It then becomes very difficult to get people back on board. Putting the qualityin requires both the testing described in this article and dataquality at the source described in the.

How do I Maintain Data Warehouse Quality? (with pictures)
Datawarehousequality is easiest to maintain and support if the users are knowledgeable and have a solid understanding of the business processes. Training the users to not only understand howto build queries, but on the underlying datawarehouse structure enables them to identify inconsistencies.

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Is your dataquality framework focused on internal dataquality improvement or is your goal toimprovedataquality across an industry or government sector? There may be major differences in the way these distinct frameworks are assembled. When evaluating the following frameworks keep these.