How to transfer data from one pc to another pc

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Transferring your files and folders between PCs is easy as long as you have an internet connection, and you can enjoy knowing that your data is protected from hard drive failure. The only downside here is that your applications and settings won't make the trip over to your new PC. See at Microsoft.

Four ways to transfer your Data from One Windows PC to Another
Transferring your datafrom an old PCto new PC using an external hard drive also gives you a backup of the data in case things go wrong.

How to transfer data, files and folders from PC to PC
How do I transfer large files and folders from PCtoPC in Windows 10? "I just get a new laptop and before giving up the old PC, I need totransfer all

How to Transfer Files to a New PC - Load your data onto your new PC
Transferring files from PCtoPC can be done quickly and securely without losing any data in the process. Load your data onto your new PC.

Fix transfering data from one pc to another?
Be sure both PC's are disconnected completely from any out howI can transferdata programs from1 system toanother. Just 2 towers .

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Now to open PC-1 from PC-2 or vice versa, Just click on it, it will ask for username and password, just type the username of Opposite PC, and type the