I feel angry all the time for no reason

Angry All the Time for No Reason? This Might Be Why
Sometimes, you might not feelangry at all. Rather, your actions might be passive-aggressive, and you might feel resentful. Many of Hanks’s clients who have “anger issues” actually don’t let themselves express their anger.

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I always felt like a pariah even in my own home. So I grew very reserved and bitter, I would often ‘lash out’ at things that seemed so minor at thetime but felt like

I Cry And Get Sad/angry All The Time And Have No Reason To...
First of all, I cry allthetime even when I have noreason to and Ifeel so pathetic because of it. I cry at anything from sad music, films and TV programmes to putting my

Why do I feel angry when I have no reason to be?
I get angry a lot fornoreason. I Wake up angry sometimes. When I am angryI lash out at my husband. No one else. I love him and I don’t know why

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Ifeel like a tiking bomb. I am angry without aparent reason. If I have to be honest I want to scream or break stuff.

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Hello I am 43 years old and I had my 5 IVF done las week, mi eggs transfer was 3 days ago and Ifeel very anxious and nervous plus I wake every morning in a bad.

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[Chorus] The reasons that I can't stay don't have a thing to do with being in love I understand that loving a man shouldn't have to be this rough And you ain't the only one who feels like this worlds' left you far behind I don't know why you got to be angryallthetime. [Verse 3] Twenty years, have came.