I found a lump behind my ear

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A few weeks ago I found a lump behind my left ear and im freakin out !! I get pains from my ear and slightly down my neck, they are not sharpe pains, but I seem to constantly feel sick as a result of this lump.

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Yesterday i found a pea size lump behind my right ear and it hurts a little is really tender and when i turn to the left it hurts. i also havent been sleeping right could that be the cause of it. really worried help please!!!!!

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Solomon on i found a lump behind my ear: Inflamed lymph node. The tail of the parotid also extends to this area and may cause your problem.

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I have a lump in my neck just below the ear lobe and just behind the angle of my jaw.

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I just found a lump behind my little boy ear.Close to the hairline on the back of the neck.It's a little red,soft and about the size of a blueberry.I have a doctor's appointment already just wondering if anyone's experienced this.I have searched the net but I only came up with a cyst and/or something.

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Hello all, I seem to have Found a small hard lump behind my right ear i noticed it before it hurts a bit too but its never been there before.

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I found this website and post as a result of a "lump behind my ear". I was hoping to get some answers. I first got a golfball size lumpon my ear when I was 8 years old (18 years ago).

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Hi everyone, I just found a hard lump behind my one month old's right ear.

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So aabout a week ago, I discovered a lump behind my ear, its painless, but it bothers me and it's quite big, then again I have a pain at the back of my other ear, which is odd.

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lump behind Right ear. A: Given your previous infection, it is likely that you have some scarring in the lymph node causing it to feel hard and remain larger.

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I just found a pea-sized lump about an inch behind my two month old daughters right ear.

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I have a lump on the back left side of my head behind my ear that I think is a gland. It is apparently swollen and hurts to the touch.

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File Type: i found a lump behind my babys ear.torrent.

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A lump behind your ear can sometime be a little frightening if you do not know the exact cause.

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6-8-2016 · Lump Behind the Ear . Painful or painless lumps may develop behind ears in the event of infections, bone overgrowth, allergies or due to certain types of. Have you ever found a hard lump on jaw line ?

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Why Do I Have a Lump Behind My Ear? By Dr. Victor Marchione, MD - August 6, 2015.

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How do bumps inside your ear form? I found a bump behind my ear. What is the cause? I'm just curious.

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I am a 17-year-old male. I found a lump behind my right ear, not a huge lump maybe the size of half of a grape or slightly smaller. Other than that, I would not say there are any more symptoms, not that I have noticed anyway.

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If you find a lump behind your ear there is usually no cause for concern. Lumps, bumps or nodules behind the ear can appear for a number of reasons and most of them are harmless.

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Lumps behind the ear have a number of different causes and can come in a variety of different types. Some lumps are negligible; others could be signs of more serious conditions.

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i recentlh found small pea sized lump behind my right ear close to bottom of head ive been having headaches and feeling exausted paat week. The lump may not be related to the other symptoms.

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This morning, I found a lump behind my left ear, sort of where the top of my jaw meets my neck. It's completely under the skin and very hard - about the size of a pea. It's painless unless I push very hard down on it, and is more noticeable when I bow my head.

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When I was 13 I had the chickenpox and I noticed a lump behind my ear on the bone. I could move it around and it was squishy, being the hypochondriac that I am I looked up on the internet and I came across lymphoma.

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I was laying down and I found the lump in my neck and discovered that while laying down it is quite mobile. It moves back and forth at least an inch I would say.

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I found this lump behind my ear... it's on my head on the bone, sorry can't describe exactly where. I noticed it by accident about a month ago when I went to scratch my head. It's still there and feels like a pea size lump under the skin.

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Lumps behind the ears are rarely a sign of a life-threatening problem. They may signal a need for medication, however, as in the case of an infection. Learn about eight causes of lumps behind ears, see pictures of what they look like, and find out what a quick...

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I have been worrying about a lump behind my right ear. I haven't really noticed it until last Wednesday 9/4/2013.

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There are some factors which causes lump behind ear at the following: Inflammation Of Lymph Nodes.

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I have found a large hard lump behind my ear? Doctor

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Treating the Lump Behind Ear. Lipomas cannot be treated and will simply go away on their own, but all of the other causes of ear lumps have different remedies available. Have you ever found a hard lump on jaw line?

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Who to see for removal of a lump behind earlobe? A facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon should be able to remove the mass behind your earlobe.

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It is a very scary thing to find bumps or lumps behind ear, or anywhere else on your body. They can be small or large, and either is painless or painful. There are several reasons for a hard lump behind ear.

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I noticed it about a week ago when I felt a slight discomfort behind my ear, and then the lump became bigger and redder. It is no longer sore, but I am not sure it is getting any smaller. Sorry if you find it disgusting lol.

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If you find a lump behind your ear there is usually no cause for concern.

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I found the same exact thing behind my right ear just last week yet I have NOT had a cold or any kind of sickness.

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Sounds like a bit of a strange explanation to me. Sounds like she thinks it was your mastoid process ( curvy shaped lumpy bone behind your ear).

I have a small dime size painful lump in my neck behind my gland

I also found a lump behind my ear and I will soon be going to the doctor. This is the research and info I found on the web and in the forum. Hope it helps. i have recently discovered a very large and hard lump at the base of my neck to the center and right side.

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About two months ago I noticed a small lump under my ear and slightly behind my jaw.

I have a lump behind my ear that I think is not a lymph node.

Question: I have a small, hard lump behind the ear, should be near the node, but does not look to be this, as other times it has inflamed me a ganglion, it is larger touch note.

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i know this has been asked alot, but mine seems to be slightly different. just under my right ear i have a lump and i mean just under i mean litrally its behind the bottom part of my ear, it moves slightly when i press it, but it is kinda hard kinda soft, my mum said its just a muscle...

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Lumps behind the ear can have many possible sources, including problems in the skin or bone. Other causes could be swollen lymph nodes, or "lymph glands" as they are commonly known.

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Small bumps behind the ears lump ear medhelp. You are about to discover that just because something is painless doesn't mean it should be if you find a lump behind your ear there usually no cause for concern.

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What do you do if you find yourself with a painful lump behind ear? The good news is that the majority of nodules or bumps behind the ears are nothing to worry about. However, if you do have an infection, you may need medication.

Pea sized lump behind my earlobe, any ideas ?

My DD now 8 months was born with a small lump behind the ear which I have questioned the GP about on numerous occasions and everytime the answer is "cycst" - so that is probably what yours is too.

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Painless lumps behind ear: Sebaceous cysts. Some lump behind ear sites are more common than others. For example, the ear canal, ear lobe, and behind the ear are not unusual places to find such a lump.

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Lump behind the ears Any lump behind the ears may be due to swelling of post-auricular lymph node.

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30/05/2016 · Painless lump behind ear is a condition that is not uncommon, and while some lumps require little to no attention, others may need medical treatment.

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I found this site while trying to research my possible "issues" and now wonder if my tanning (boost me on a rainy day) efforts have not messed me up some how?????


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I first noticed a lump behind and below my left ear at the beginning of July 2003 while on vacation.

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Many people experience the growth of a bump on their neck, ears and sometimes eyes yet dont have a clue what they actually are.

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Lumps or Knots Behind the Ear Caused by Mastoiditis: Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid bone, which is found behind the ear. Mastoiditis develops if an ear infection is left untreated resulting in a more serious infection, which is known as Mastoiditis.

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What is a lump behind ear lobe? Bumps and lumps on the ear bone, near the jaw or neck can be a sign of cancer, keloid, sinus or thyroid problems.

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A large keloid behind ear lobe Cancer Lump Behind Ear According to Med-Health.net, a cyst or lump behind the ear can be caused by swollen lymph nodes, sebaceous cysts or mastoiditis.

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Hi,i have found a small lump on the right hand side of my jaw line. When you experience a salivary gland infection, you can feel pain in your mouth, neck swelling, or chills.

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Lumps are quite upsetting, so everyone who would find a lump is terrified of its appearance.

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a lump on the right side of his chest. behind my clavicle, feels the lymph nodes around my neck and under my chin. Commonly found in A callus is

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Paul ive had the feeling of having a lump in my throat since i found out i have chronic My ear on the left side is also .

Lump inch below collar bone

a lump on the right side of his chest. Commonly found in A callus is most commonly felt after a collarbone fracture.

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unwelcome behind the ears or in between toes, there's a good chance it's not just a tag. If you feel a lump, move your dog's hair from the area and look for a tick body.


I FOUND A LUMP - JamieTLD So I found a lump in my testicle. This is what the doctor told me.

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Pulling my helmet off, he brushed some of my hair aside, tucking it behind my ear as he inspected, and

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Wondering just how far I really would be willing to go dependent on if I found the right person, so absorbed in my thoughts, I didn't even notice anything was amiss until something hard was gently pressed against my back and a whisper resounded in my ear.

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There are many reasons that will cause a lump behind your ear, They start as bumps in the back of your ear only to develop into other symptoms.

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It could be there as a result of a problem in your scalp like Hard lump on lower jawbone, really and she found a hard lump on my lower jaw.

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Pictures; Causes Of Swollen Lumps/Cysts Behind Ear; How To When To See A Doctor; Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Cyst Behind Ear . Oct 13, 2016Dec 12, 2015 You've probably noticed some big skin lumps on your bodies.

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I discovered this while I was trying to sober up, paddling around in the lukewarm morning waters, and found that my ears were clogged.

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It means that it has I found a largish lump on the right side of my neck about a month and a half to 2 months ago. of the body) or generalized (spread

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The acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar proves to be the helpful agent in combatting cysts. It works to protect the skin from bacteria and kill the infection brought on by the cyst.

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Lymph nodes are movable, pea-size lumps found throughout the body, but are mostly in the neck, groin, armpits, and behind the collarbone.


I don't know whether I made some gesture, but instead of going he halted behind my chair.

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Therefore, a lump behind your ear may be as 2 Mar 2018 Bumps on your nipple or areola can be normal in many instances.

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Known as: behind ear lumps, behind ears lump, ear lump behind. (More). National Institutes of Health.

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Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment The only way to be certain that a lump is not cancerous is to

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...movable, pea-size lumps found throughout the body, They can appear anywhere and feel like small peas under the skin. i feel like my lymph nodes are a