I have brown stuff in my undies

What size undies are right for me? How should I care for MeUndies in the wash? Can I customize a pack? Star Wars Collaboration Details Do your undies contain latex?

What is the brown stuff in my underwear?
The brown spotting is leftover lining and some blood. One tip that I've learned (the hard way) over the years, get a bottle of Spray and Wash or some pre-wash spray and keep it near your hamper or in your underwear drawer. Spotting and period blood can stain panties and I've had to throw away quite a few.

lots brown stuff in my underwear i thought was my period... - MedHelp
brown hard stuff on my panties. Ihave not told my mum yet but we have a chat about me period i've never had my period before and I do not know what to

Brown Discharge or First Period? - CAREFREE® Australia
Question: Hi, i've just found some brown dried discharge inmyundies?? i've never had my period before and i'm turning 15 in June. i've had white

I'm sexually active but always use a condom and the past few weeks...
Ihave itchiness and brow more Im on the pill, sexually active, not period related as period finished over a week ago.

What is this brown stuff on the crotch of my undies?
Mixed with yellow and almost white discharge(Ihave been having discharge for 6 to 8 months now) I thought I pooed myself again, but when I looked at my genitals with a mirror and on the sides right next to my vagina there was this thing again!

Please share! Dark brown bleeding with light cramping-6 weeks
Ive been having dark brown bleeding (none inmyundies but it's there when I wipe-almost like a light period).

After i have had a cigarette i have brown stuff in my nose.
Nicotine willl leave brown residue and stain especially around the fingers, and hair.

I had brown stuff on the back of my front teeth, had the teeth filled and...
"Brownstuff" on tooth is still there #DrSoftTouch. I cannot really say what your dentist should or shouldn't have done, because I was not present at the time of

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Brownstuff on gum lines. How long does it take for a tooth to turn brown after a root canal? Ihad a root canal and the crown feel off not the tooth looks brown?

What does it mean if you have brown stuff in your undies and then...
What if you are pregnant and haveBrown blood in toilet? While several people say it is normal, it is still a sign of the so called "threatened abortion".

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BrownStuff: a Canadian Political Blog. A Blog about the "Crap" oozing from City Hall, the Legislature and Elsewhere.

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If this is your first time on BYC, we suggest you start with one of these three options: Not a member yet? join BYC here & then introduce yourself in our community forum here. Weird brownstuffinmy eggs.

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.brownstuffinmyundies, and so then i put in a pantiliner and went to dance. when i got home from dance an hour later and there was some more brownstuff. i

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Consequently as the brownstuff hits the tee junction, half of it must be splashing back up the dead leg and staying there. I may connect an en-suite into the dead leg in the future but surely it shouldn't have to rely on a second bathroom to flush it down? Is this good practice to install underground drainage.

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Our undies may cover your booty, but we may not have covered all the bases. Check out our FAQs to learn about our products, get shipping info, and

What is this brown stuff in my nose? (2 replies)
I just blew my nose and some dark brown mucus came out. Should I be worried? Has this happened to anyone else?

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The latest Tweets from MeUndies (@MeUndies). Making feel good undies your butt will be proud to wear. Looking for help? DM @helpmeundies for customer support.

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I am losing my mind!!! My MIL was here last week and she used my iron to starch some clothes - now all of a sudden my iron is oozing brown goo!

What is this brown stuff? - eHelp.com
When I was pregnant with both children I knew I was pregnant before I even tested. Ihad my usual pms symptoms with both but the thing I noticed was I

Light brown discharge - Women Health Info Blog
The light brown discharge is actually a mixture of blood remains and vaginal discharge.

Cute Fruit Undies
At Cute Fruit Undies, we make super soft, comfy, absorbent, odorless, leak free, antibacterial, and of course, cute period undies for you to free bleed your little heart in to on your period. Oh yeah did we mention Trump's face is in the crotch for you to bleed alllll over? (or you can get them without his face.

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When I went to look for undies for my 6 month old boy, I was SO disappointed that my options were almost all superhero undies (girls options were all princesses).

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Ihavebrownstuffinmy pants. Is that my period or is it something else? I don't think I'm ready, I'm only 10 and my mum got hers when she was 14.

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The brown note has been referenced in popular culture for decades, but does it actually exist, and can sound really cause instant human diarrhoea?

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But, eventually, some nasty brownstuff started pulling through the towel. But I could still see the

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I Tried The Underwear That's All Over Instagram To See If It's Actually...
5. The undies are fairly breathable, but TBH, I've never found underwear that can repel swamp ass, including these. Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed. Granted, I tested MeUndies out in the middle of a sticky New York City summer, but they weren't quite as ~airy~ as the website made them seem.

Brown stuff coming out of my Steam Iron!
.for irons and kettles. or.. fill it with white vinegar and water quite a strong mix , leave over night then rinse by tipping away and refilling water. fill with clean water and then turn on a lower temperature with high steam setting, then it should all dribble through the holes. i find its worse stuff coming.

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Someone gave that stuff a name!? Even more mind blowing was the revelation that you should eat it, rather than attacking it with an SOS pad.

brown stuff... - Glow Community
brownstuff. Hey girls.for the past like 3 weeks I've had this brownish reddish discharge inmyundies and when I wipe.ppl say it's from your period but it was there before and after!

How often should you replace your undies?
Clearly, I thought Ihad this life stuff figured out. But now a new question hasme stumped: When should you throw old undies out?

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Because we see five pairs of undies or socks left in the drawer and know we're OK. But we forget they're the saddest items of clothing in the known universe, filled with holes, often

Dark Brown Discharge For 2 1/2 Weeks?? - Womens Conditions Forum
Ihave been having dark brown discharge all except one week last month!! And that was the week after my period.

What's This Pink Stuff in My Bathroom? - Martin Water Conditioning
It is the result of an airborne bacterium that finds an ideal environment for growth when it has moisture and oxygen. It multiplies, causing the telltale pink stain that typically wipes off easily. This is in contrast to iron staining, which is more of a reddish-brown coloration and can be difficult to remove.

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Dear Kate undies are not only leak-free and stain-proof, but also modern and sexy in design.

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PLS Blog: Question No. 41: Can you make your first period come faster?
Anonymous - that stuff you get is vaginal discharge, which you have for about 6 months to a year before your period. But don't get anxious, 'cause

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Making her stuffy parents upset is the best. And when Cora goes on a little trip with one of her best friends Fitz Vacker, he brings her to the Forbbien Cities, and found Sophie

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This is clearly not me. This woman has never owned baggy undies in her life.

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Q. I think my neighbor stole myundies: I occasionally order underwear by mail. After a recent sale, I ordered three pairs, which were to be delivered in about a week.

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Been looking for the perfect pair of no nonsense granny panties with a twist? Look no further as these are ideal! They have been made using an adapted SUAT pattern - the perk of these magic undies is that - there is no elastic.

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