I have brown stuff in my undies

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brown hard stuff on my panties. I have not told my mum yet but we have a chat about me period i've never had my period before and I do not know what to expect

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i have had some brown poopy looking stuff that smelled funny(not like poop) in my undies i thought it might have been diaria but later i had stf that looked kinda red and my head and stomach hurt ...

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...of mostly brown stuff on my undies then at lunch I saw a bright bright bright red spot on my undies I put toilet paper there and the next day there was only a

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Question: Hi, i've just found some brown dried discharge in my undies?? i've never had my period before and i'm turning 15 in June. i've had white discharge for 2 years and i'm a 32 bb

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...felt like i was peeing myself then the same in art till i got home pulled down my undies then big patch of brown blood so changed into clean pair of pants

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With our first son I had pre-menstral cramping that I always got before my period but they never went away until later in my first trimester.

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Hall in her undies, child on hip stretch marks and round post baby belly, looking proud and healthy. I had never seen anything like it.

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Yo. Verse 1: My palms are sweaty, knees weak, butt is heavy There's brown stuff in my trousers already, mom's spaghetti I'm nervous, and on the

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heyy i need some help- i had some [@]l pain a few days ago then the next day i had some brown stuff on my undies kinda like the stuff i get before and after my regular period but this time ive already had my period and that was 14 days ago so i cant have it again right!!! i think i have.

How often should you replace your undies?

Clearly, I thought I had this life stuff figured out. But now a new question has me stumped: When should you throw old undies out? (Conversely, dear reader: When should you buy new skivvies?)

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I have been having dark brown discharge all except one week last month!! And that was the week after my period. I have to wear a pad everyday because it is staining my underwear.

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Apr 2016 you might not want to admit it (out loud), but you've probably lost many undies the dreaded period monster. Stained underwear is an inevitable part of having periods.

What is the brown stuff in my pants? answers

In the middle of meal, I have to pee, so I get up to go to the bathroom and I get in the stall, and I pull down my pants, and there is a reddish brown stain on my underwear, it was not full on blood.

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...skid marks are ok, but behold brown skid marks are not, please wash the G's before tossing them on I-15, have you no respect for the Lards undies?

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When I miscarried, I had some bright spotting for a day...then bled very heavy for three days and then it tapered off to just some light brown stuff.

Should we be concerned about brown, mucous (blood?) clots in spit up?

The brown stuff first showed up one week ago, just at little one time, and we didn't think much of it. It happened again two days ago, a small amount less than size of a BB.

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I went to the doctor and done a test and it came back negative, yesterday I started spitting brown stuff and that was on and off.

I wasn't going mad after all!

In pm..felt sick and had headache. 9 DPO - In am...woke up at 6am. Had brown spotting, but just one wipe on loo roll and had strong AF type cramp.

New Day New Me

"I don't know there's brown stuff on my underwear. I must have gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I don't remember it." My mother pushed open the door as I sit on the bowl just staring down at the strange mark in my undies.

Jessie James Decker flaunts pregnant belly in her undies

Jessie James Decker strips down to her undies to show off her bare baby belly (and gets candid about pregnancy life with TMI post).

PLS Blog: Question No. 41: Can you make your first period come faster?

Dear Cutekitty2000, i have a really weird 1st period story for ya: when i was in 5th grade i started gettin this weird brown stuff in my underwear. i was like "this is NOT blood so it cant be my period" so i just ignored it. i was super scared to tell my mom

Oops I Shit Myself!

Was shopping in Home Depot when my wife saw a brown stain on the back of my pants. I had farted in the car earlier, but though nothing of it.

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I used plain white everything else for dyeing purposes. Note that polyester materials will not dye well, or at all. All of my stuff here is a nylon based, the rings and sliders are nylon coated.

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...what should be 3 days late on my period, I am having cramps and upset stomach but no period and I do have some light brown stuff coming out Any help?

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...because that is how much effort i put into my costumes and i need to live vicariously through him also i really like the og super undies can you tell.

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Now that you're alone, or at least out of public view, look at your pants, undies, and legs. If you see brown, green, or blackish streaks, you probably pooped

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Are we talking about a future mother-in-law, or your best friend from college who stepped over your dirty undies for four years and knows how you really are?

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When the bed bug reaches maturity, it is reddish brown in color with a flattened, oval appearance. On their body, microscopic hairs give off a banded appearance.

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Where you deposit the red stuff from your veins. BloodBank. Timid or weak people are said to not have these.

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He has brown eyes in the Lord of the Rings movies, blue in the Hobbit movies, and, I think, gray in the books.


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