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I have brown stuff in my undies

brown hard stuff on my panties. Ihave not told my mum yet but we have a chat about me period i've never had my period before and I do not know what to expect. Question: Hi, i've just found some brown dried discharge inmyundies?? i've never had my period before and i'm turning 15 in June. i've had white discharge for 2 years and i'm a 32 bb. .felt like i was peeing myself then the same in art till i got home pulled down myundies then big patch of brown blood so changed into clean pair of pants. Im having some issues "down there" ihave white stuff attached to the inside of my vagina and its itchy! i am se more Im having. So 1/2 a month ago Ihad the same thing! Mixed with yellow and almost white discharge(Ihave been having discharge for 6 to 8 months now) .. .of mostly brownstuff on myundies then at lunch I saw a bright bright bright red spot on myundiesI put toilet paper there and the next day there was only a. I went to the doctor and done a test and it came back negative, yesterday I started spitting brownstuff and that was on and off.. Nothing for a straight 5 days. just yesterday, ihad a tiny bit if brownstuffinmyundies, and so then i put in a pantiliner and went to dance. when i got home from dance an hour later and there was some more brownstuff. i took a shower, put in another pantiliner and went to bed.. "I don't know there's brownstuff on my underwear. I must have gone to the bathroom in the middle of the night and I don't remember it." My mother pushed open the door as I sit on the bowl just staring down at the strange mark inmyundies.. In the middle of meal, Ihave to pee, so I get up to go to the bathroom and I get in the stall, and I pull down my pants, and there is a reddish brown stain on my underwear, it was not full on blood.. .yeah. depends on what colour your undies are, if theyre dark its probably just the brownstuff.. With our first son Ihad pre-menstral cramping that I always got before my period but they never went away until later inmy first trimester.. Dearest creature in creation, Study English pronunciation, I will teach you inmy verse Sounds like corpse, corps, horse and worse I will keep you, Suzy, busy, Make your head with heat grow dizzy.. The brownstuff first showed up one week ago, just at little one time, and we didn't think much of it. It happened again two days ago, a small amount less than size of a BB.. Sweet Brown - Ain't Nobody Got Time for That (Autotune Remix) - Продолжительность: 1:57 The Parody Factory 64 374 432 просмотра.. heyy i need some help- ihad some [@]l pain a few days ago then the next day ihad some brownstuff on myundies kinda like the stuffi get before and after my regular period but this time ive already had my period and that was 14 days ago so i cant have it again right!!! i think ihave.. Oh girl, I hope you Don't think it's rude When I tell you that I love you boo I also hope that you don't see through This cleverly constructed ruse Designed by a marketing team Cashing in on puberty And low self-esteem And girls' desperate need to feel loved. Repeat stuff Repeat it!. I asked my mom what all the brown and black stuff was and she told me.. 2 days since then I haven't had any period stuff like blood or anything but whenever I wipe there is brown!!. Clearly, I thought Ihad this life stuff figured out. But now a new question hasme stumped: When should you throw old undies out? (Conversely, dear reader: When should you buy new skivvies?). .what should be 3 days late on my period, I am having cramps and upset stomach but no period and I do have some light brownstuff coming out Any help?. This has been a very weird month!!! Ihave been having dark brown discharge all except one week last month!! And that was the week after my period.. My name is Mara. Sometimes I write stuff. Twenty Things My Sister Has Actually Said.. In pm.felt sick and had headache. 9 DPO - In am.woke up at 6am. Hadbrown spotting, but just one wipe on loo roll and had strong AF type cramp.. brownstuff. Hey girls.for the past like 3 weeks I've had this brownish reddish discharge inmyundies and when I wipe.ppl say it's from your period but it was there before and after!. Also,I never know how long I am going to be in for, so Ihave to just keep my stuffin a suitcase under the bed .. I woke up in the morning to find blood on myundies. I went to see a doctor the same day and he said ihad a miscarriage.. I do something similar, only I take my mom's poop out of the toilet with my bare hands and stuff it inmyundies, then I sleep in those undies. it makes me feel like my mom is close to me.. Is speak Does speak Do speak. The Browns ____ a nice house in the country. has got have got.. All clean socks and undies get put into 1 laundry basket to be sorted and mated each night as we watch a movie together.. Even blokes get a chance to skip hunting for fresh undies in the morning. A Danish company has invented underwear that doesn't need washing for two weeks.. Zayn was 5'1 like Liam, hadbrown hair with one black streak, and yet again another hottie, but he already had a girlfriend named Katy.. Now that you're alone, or at least out of public view, look at your pants, undies, and legs. If you see brown, green, or blackish streaks, you probably pooped. I swear you could stuff cow pies in there and it would push them through.. Dear Cutekitty2000, ihave a really weird 1st period story for ya: when i was in 5th grade i started gettin this weird brownstuffinmy underwear. i was like "this is NOT blood so it cant be my period" so i just ignored it. i was super scared to tell my mom. .skid marks are ok, but behold brown skid marks are not, please wash the G's before tossing them on I-15, have you no respect for the Lards undies?. Hair stylist Apryl Michelle Brown, from LA, spent five years in excruciating pain when an unlicensed. Yes I often chuck fairly light coloured stuffinmy white wash as otherwise there wouldn;t be enough for a full wash.. She is made of 100% cotton and stuffed with polyester stuffing. She's got brown embroidered eyes and brown hair made of felt. Sally has cute elbows and knees:) She is dressed in a white cotton strawberry print dress and undies and has on white ruffle socks and black Mary Jane shoes made of.. Are we talking about a future mother-in-law, or your best friend from college who stepped over your dirty undies for four years and knows how you really are?. I used plain white everything else for dyeing purposes. Note that polyester materials will not dye well, or at all. All of my stuff here is a nylon based, the rings and sliders are nylon coated.. One is a chocolate brown to almost my ankles and the other is a rich burgundy with a paisley type. my ankles and undies to just below My Knees and just when I Got comfy on the toilet, I hear someone come in to the bathroom and Stop in front of my stall.from what I can. For me white undies is what you wear as a kid, because you're not quiet fully potty trained, and still need your mom to. I could see the root of his brown cock, fairly thick, even soft, and bowed up by the elastic waistband. I reached for it, grabbed it around its base and squeezed it a little.. I also have dark skin and you can really see where myundies stop.. .but my grandfather had the nickname 'black and tan' form his workmates, as he went to work one morning after a night out, with one black shoe and one brown.. goto.target.com. Promising review: "I am so happy I bought this product! Ihad been struggling with a lot of redness and Ihad tried other products to combat it but nothing worked until this magical stuff.. My bae got me a card, rose, candy, my favorite gum, a shirt, and 2 pair of CUTE undies:) #blessed 2 have sum1 so sweet .