Listen with the ear of your heart

Blogging Benedict: Listening with the Ear of Your Heart
Concrete person that I am, listeningwiththeearof my heart” doesn’t make much sense. At first. But the more I read about Benedict, and the more I practice quiet

Listening with the Ear of Your Heart - Grieving Hearts
Their hearts were burning within them – they were listeningwiththeearof their heart. I have always considered this “burning within them” as a deeper awareness, an inner knowing that was being released. It is not a burning that comes with pain of fire, but a burning with desire, hope and longing.

Listening with the ear of your heart - The Catholic Key
One of the things that I learned in my seminary years was to listen for God’s voice withtheearof my heart. This sounds simple enough, but it is easier said than done. Whether to the priesthood or some other big decision in life, discerning God’s will can be very difficult and even gut-wrenching at times.