Pain in the upper back left side

I'm new...and frustrated. Pain in upper back, left side. - Upper Back...
I suffer from painin my upperback, on the leftside. it's closer to the middle of the back than the shoulder blade. Sometimes it wraps around the side and the front of my rib (under my breast). This pain comes on after walking or standing for about 15 minutes. The pain first came on two years ago.

Pain in Upper Back Left Side Under Shoulder Blade - Body Pain Tips
The Cause of the PaininUpperBackPainintheleftside. Upperbackpain under shoulder blades could be due to several factors, and this pain could cause a variety of problems.

Upper Left Abdominal Pain ...Causes and Treament
Upperleft abdominal pain is pain occurring inthe abdomen, to the left of a line drawn from the left nipple to the level of the umbilicus or belly button.