Signs of dark night of the soul

18 Signs You’re Experiencing A Dark Night Of The Soul, Otherwise...
That’s the thing about the darknightofthesoul – it usually comes up right at the moment in which you have every reason to be content. What’s happening is you’re seeing how the external things didn’t heal you. Your illusions about what really matters are breaking down. The part of you that is still chasing.

The Dark Night of the Soul - Symbols of Change
When going through the darknightofthesoul we begin to see the records of our past, and we must now begin to be fully committed to a new way of doing and being. During this process you may find yourself crying or feeling lost frequently, this is your emotional body desiring reunion with thesoul self.

Dark Night of the Soul - When the only way left is up
Of course, some people like to describe every depressive experience as a darknight experience. Perhaps this enables them to think better about themselves – after all, they wouldn’t have