Wet to straight flat iron bad for hair

Is flat ironing wet hair bad
Certain flatirons are designed to be used on wethair for convenience. I don't know about the sedu specifically, but I know that Croc and Hana both have flatirons that were …designed with this use in mind. If I remember correctly, the Croc is called "wetto dry", and I think both Hana irons were.

Wet to straight hair iron, bad for your hair? (10 replies)
well every iron is badfor your hair but if you condition every day and wash every other day and turn the heat on the straightener down youll be just fine.

How bad is it to flat iron your hair when wet? - Yahoo Answers
I seldom ever use my flatiron but I used it twice this school year from September- now when my hair was wetto style it. The second time was today. The bottom of my hair is very dry. Did I damage it? I'm asking cause I know African American hair is weaker against heat then straighthair.

Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron Review - YouTube
This is a review for the Remington Wet 2 Straight Steam FlatIron. This is an item I purchased to use on my daughters hair. My goal for the flatiron was to calm some of there curls down enough that I can part and style their hair. They love to have ponytails and bows but to do that I need to have the curls a.

How to Straighten your Hair with a Flat Iron? - PinStraightHair.com
Damp hair does not straighten very well, whereas wethair may spontaneously combust and burn your hair due to the hot flatiron.Also make sure that

Hair Straightening Brush VS Flat Iron: Comparison
For the hard, unruly hair, straightening using hot irons or brush straighteners will be perfect. Be careful when choosing these devices, it is important to pay attention to the material which they are made of. Honestly speaking, this is a real problem for many women to choose a hair styling tool.