What age are you over the hill

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The term “overthehill” refers more to losing the capacity for some task rather than for a particular age. A professional baseball player may beoverthehill” in his 30s, if he can no longer perform at a

At what age are you considered over the hill
Usually the term "overthehill" refers to overtheage of 50. Twenty years ago, it actually referred to the age of 40. It seems as time goes by, 40 becomes the new 30 and so …on.

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What birthday is officially overthehill? Let's Talk About Birthdays October 30, 2017. Around a certain age people will start to tell you that youareoverthe

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Overthehillis a subjective term meant to imply one is past one’s prime age. There is no specific age, although research suggests one is cognitively

You're Not Over the Hill Until You Start Believing You're Over the Hill
When AreYouOvertheHill?” Possibly the most interesting generational finding came from the question that asks whatageisoverthehill?” Millennials born between 1981 to 2000 consider 56 is old.

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"Over-the-hill" is a phrase commonly associated with the point in a person's life in which he is no longer "young," but not so far advanced in age as to be

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OvertheHill birthday Gag gifts. On this page you'll find lots of ideas to help you celebrate this significant birthday. Scroll down the page to see all the