What are the causes of high bilirubin levels

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Highbilirubinlevels can cause jaundice. In a person with jaundice, the skin and the whites of the eyes look yellow because of the brownish-yellow bilirubin

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Highlevels of bilirubin can cause a yellowing of your skin and eyes, a condition doctors call jaundice. Highbilirubinlevelsare common in newborns.

What causes high bilirubin levels?
The most common causesof such highbilirubinare: 1. Acute Viral Hepatitis 2. Jaundice due to infections like Malaria. You must have been evaluated. If possible share your reports. Actually recovery depends on thecause. If it is viral hepatitis A and E it should have settled by now.

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Highbilirubinlevels may becaused by infections, inherited diseases, liver diseases, diseases that cause bile-duct blockage, sickle cell disease and certain medicines. Infections, including cholecystitis or an infected gallbladder, can cause an elevation in the levels of bilirubin in the blood.

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There are many causesofhighbilirubinlevels, some of which are relatively benign, and some that may be serious. In some cases, highbilirubin may cause yellowing of the skin/eyes or increased risk for gallstones. In newborns, a significantly highbilirubinis dangerous due to the risk of brain damage.

High indirect bilirubin: causes
Whatisbilirubin Vulnerabilities of indirect bilirubin metabolism Extrahepatic causes: hemolysis and hemolytic anemia Intrahepatic causes: blockage of indirect-to-direct bilirubin transformation Summary: how to identify thecauseofhighlevel of indirect bilirubin.