What does firm mean on an application

What does Firm mean?
Meaning of Firm. WhatdoesFirmmean? Information and translations of Firm in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

What does firm mean on a car? - Yahoo Answers
1995 Nissan Maxima for $1000 Firm! .whatdoes that mean? Do it mean the car was totaled and worked on so the title is firm or does it mean something else? Update: Matt F. If I wasn't serious I would of not ask this question. Now are you serious?

What does FIRM mean? - FIRM Definition... - InternetSlang.com
WhatdoesFIRMmean? This could be the only web page dedicated to explaining the meaning of FIRM (FIRM acronym/abbreviation/slang word).

What Does It Mean to Be a Principal in a Firm? - Reference.com
Principals in firms may be individuals or entities that meet certain qualifications, such as being the sole proprietor of a sole proprietorship, a director, chief executive officer or chief financial officer, or someone who owns a certain percentage of shares and stocks within the company. Principals in firms may hold.

What does ft, pt mean on a job application?
I think it means full time, part time but why would they initial it like that when they already have full time, part time listed as a choice of when to work? The options are listed on the application like this: Job interests: What kind of job are you looking for? (check all that apply).

What Does Qualifications Mean on a Job Application? - Bizfluent
Applicants should check the job announcement carefully because it will usually list the qualifications that are required. Candidates should fill out the application using the job announcement and description as a

What does A-Not Indicated mean on a job application... :: Ask Me Fast
Whatdoes not indicated meanona job application when they ask you for highest education level read more. You need to choose the option "high school". The question "highest level education" pertains to your highest educational attainment which is read more.