What does it feel like to smoke

What does it feel like to have quit smoking?

I do not want to smoke. I actually find it funny because most of the time I cannot remember smoking and cannot imagine myself smoking - and I smoked for over 20+ years."

What does smoking feel like

What does smoking weed feel like? NOTICE: anyone who has ever smoked mass amounts of weed at a time knows this is not possible.

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I have been smoking for 2 years striaght now daily. (at least 3 times per day) I have missed about maybe 3 - 5 days in the past 2 years. What I wanted to know was.... to those of you who have taken a 2 week break or more from weed, what does it feel like?

What Does it Feel Like to Quit after Years of Smoking?

Other than the physiological addiction that smoking causes, one of the biggest things that smokers worry about is what it will feel like to quit.

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I love the feel of the smoke leaving my mouth and the way it hangs in the air, like Arabic script. I love how cigarettes always give me something to do.

What Does It Feel Like To Be a Firefighter?

Now imagine doing it on your hands and knees because the smoke is toxic and superheated, so you can't stand up in it.

What does it feel like to smoke weed? (9 replies)

It feels great! like you don't realy give a shyt what people are saying or anything... its good when your under a lotta stress or your boyfriend js broke up wit you because you really js wont care and ull js do some crazy shyt sometimes, bt when you smoke its better to do it wit a friend. smoking is great and.

What Do the Effects of a Marijuana High Feel Like?

Many people who are curious about smoking pot, or who have family members or friends who use the drug, wonder, "What does it feel like to be high?"

Indica "Stoned" effect; What does it. feel like? - Rollitup

I was wondering what it feels like to be intoxicated by an Indica strain? Such as a Kush or Northern Lights strain?

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i am 16 an have quit smoking weed and i constantly feel like you do ....its hard to explain though and ive thought about going to the doctors ..what do you think i should do? i want this feeling to go away so bad:( i cant concentrate anymore everything seems like a dream.

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Ill smoke a few joints, head into the party and get drunk and smoke a J every now and again I personally love doing it.

Why do People Smoke? (with pictures)

Then don't smoke. For those of you, on the other hand, who feel it is necessary to campaign against the people who do smoke, well, go away.

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Feeling the smoke filling your lungs, and you puff on that cigarette like your life depends on it, and then the nicotine does it's magic.

Why do I feel like I need to smoke-Drugs Questions answered

Why when having a heavy drinking night, do smokers feel the need to chain smoke?

Has anyone smoked weed that makes them feel like this?

Zucotti Manicotti (2) (@zeke20) 4 years, 9 months ago ago. Did you smoke out of somthing which could have melted plastic, causing you to inhale the fume?

What happens when you smoke tea bags? What effects does it... - Q&A

I just smoked tea out of the bags .. have a slight buzz, but mostly just have a strong odor resembling weed in my room. Its fun to do if your bored and just feel like smoking something . . i recommend it . . along with walking around naked in your living room.

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So, What Does It Feel Like to Be High? For those that have experienced being high, they often describe it as euphoric and pleasant.

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Quitting smoking is beyond hard. But when you do quit smoking, the results are well worth it. If you're trying to quit smoking, though, this is how it will feel.

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Do you feel like you get anything positive from smoking? No. What would it take, do you think, for you to quit? I am not sure.

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Smoking does nothing for me except give me something to do with friends. I practically never smoke alone.

What does nicotine feel like? - E-Cigarette Forum

Oddly, I never felt this sensation when I was smoking. I was a PAD "light" smoker.

What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like?

^ Back To Top. What Does Morning Sickness Feel Like? When Does It Start?

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Insomnia: After you quit smoking, you don't go into such a deep sleep as you did when you smoked. It almost feels like you have been up all night.

Getting High Is an Experience

Your heart may feel like it's pounding, the music is fantastic, this is the best dessert you've ever eaten and, wow, get a load of how beautiful nature is.

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms and Timeline - Infographic

When a smoker quits, the body begins to adjust to normal levels of chemicals, in reaction to which, the smoker feels different withdrawal symptoms.

Some Excellent Coping Tips to help you to quit smoking.

You may feel a need to smoke when you do fun things you used to do as a smoker. A large number of ex-smokers feel like smoking when they think back to happy times that included cigarettes, such as a cup of coffee, sitting with friends, quiet times, driving, etc.

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Please share you experience after smoking weed as I will do. After smoking I feel like I was in heaving, It makes me laugh a lot, every word or object makes me laugh, and if I take my weed to the toilet I lasted for at least 30 minutes sitting there like I was relaxing in the seating room...

What does taking heroin feel like? First-time heroin experience

Still I knew I would like to try heroin once, smoked not injected, I knew that using needles increased the likelihood of a bad reaction from cutting agents, it was also a line I did not wish to cross.

How Do I Know I'm Really Addicted to Nicotine? - Everyday Health

You may think you smoke cigarettes because you like it. But the truth is, smoking is an addiction.

Quit Smoking Side Effects Timeline

After 3 months of smoking one day I felt like I was having a heart attack so went to the ER.

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Chorus: D' Wayne Wiggins How does it feel when ya livin like that, and ya pockets are fat

From A Stoner To A Stoner: Why Smoking Too Much Weed Can F*ck...

Weed will do this to you if you smoke it so much that you basically oversaturate your mental and physical capacity for its contents.

Highlights - What Smoking Cigarettes Does to Us

Most smokers like to smoke at special times. It may be right after a meal or when they are at a party with friends.

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Does Smoking Weed Really Make Teens Dumber? The verdict is still out, but scientific evidence points toward yes.

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Not only does it feel good, Garry... smoking can in fact be good for you. At university we conducted a simple experiment. We took 20 live worms and divided them into two groups of 10.

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Do you have this feeling that your chest is beating a bit faster suddenly? DO you have any gross pictures of smoking related cancer patients.

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Understand why you feel like you need to smoke so that you can avoid triggers and deal with nicotine withdrawal.

Why You Gain Weight When You Quit Smoking and What to Do About it

I am almost 70 and had been a smoker for 50 years. Just decided one day that I was too old to smoke. It did help that there is no where left to smoke except hiding in your own backyard!

I Stopped Smoking Weed For A Month & Here's What Happened

It is important to me that I be "out" as a weed smoker and a successful woman on a platform like Bustle, because I think it is ridiculous that this drug is still stigmatized when

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I personally like smoking marijuana but sometimes I just don't really feel like it and I think it's fine if people don't like doing or if they like to all the time. I bet youre the kind of guy that says "If you're a non alcoholic, you obviously hate partying".

What to do when you smoke weed

I find that if I smoke, I tend to get struck by a bout of anxiety the 17 Dec 2017 Many people who are curious about smoking pot, or who have family members or friends who use the drug, wonder, "What does it feel like to Gauge your parent's acceptance of marijuana in general through leading questions.

What does remission feel like? - Ulcerative Colitis - Patient - Forum

Just want to know what it feels like to reach remission? Can you tell if you're about to go into remission?

Is it bad to smoke weed while sick with the flu

I LOVE smoking when I'm sick, because it gets rid of that horrible flu-like feeling, We take a look at whether it's ok to smoke weed when sick.

Is it bad to smoke weed while sick with the flu

. I LOVE smoking when I'm sick, because it gets rid of that horrible flu-like feeling, We take a look at whether it's ok to smoke weed when sick.

What drug smells like sulfur when smoked

5 days ago CALLER SAYS IT SMELL LIKE GUN POWER (SMOKE) IN THE AREA. Now, I am a heavy smoker and never use matches, but I have at times .

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I heard people say something like this: "Hell, if smoking a cigarette will keep him from putting his finger on the red button and starting a nuclear war, I say--let the man SMOKE!" So, how did you feel when you found out that Obama was a smoker?

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[Intro] Smoke wins Smoke, yeah Smoke, smoke You don't want no smoke I feel like smoke (I feel like smoke).

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This might be a bit of a stupid question but doesnt smoking taste/feel like drowning/choking??? And does it really make you breathe heavy when you play games??? When I was "trying" to quit, I'd slip and have a cigarette.


I dont smoke so i dont know wats wat, but there are some cigarettes i dont like the smell of, but i do like the majority, i breathe in when i walk past a smoker, which i probably shouldnt.

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Drying for what I feel like is long enough, smoking for almost 20 minutes with only half a bowl gone and hearing that dreaded gurgle. I know I'm not a wet smoker...

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I do not understand why some people do not take care of their health and continue to smoke tobacco although they know very well that it is harmful.