What does it feel like to smoke

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Sometimes, it can feellike you’re in a trance. But it doesn’t make you high or impair your thinking the way alcohol and pot do. After you’ve been smoking for a while and get hooked, you start to feel withdrawal symptoms when you don’t smoke. So you’ll start to feel a bit anxious, and realize it’s time.

What does it feel like to smoke cigarettes?
The draw is mysterious — smoking cigarettes doesn’t make you feel euphoric like caffeine does, or high like when you smoke pot. It just makes your fingers smell and your mouth taste like filth, but you miraculously keep coming back for more. read more.

What does it feel like to have quit smoking?
I do not want tosmoke. I actually find it funny because most of the time I cannot remember smoking and cannot imagine myself smoking - and I smoked for

What does it feel like to smoke weed? (9 replies)
Itfeels great! like you don't realy give a shyt what people are saying or anything. its good when your under a lotta stress or your boyfriend js broke up wit you because you really js wont care and ull js do some crazy shyt sometimes, bt when you smoke its better to doit wit a friend. smoking is great and.

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Smoking weed is akin to how some people liketo crack open a beer at the end of the work day,’ he tells The Debrief. ‘It’s not a massive hit or a buzz, but more like a change in the atmosphere.'

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For me it's likefeeling that I'm going to claw my way out of my own skin. My mind obsesses with various rationale for why it's OK to go ahead and have a smoke, cause I can always start quitting again tomorrow.