What does lug mean in real estate

In real estate what does 'GCI' mean? - Quora
Gross Commissionable Income It's the amount of money paid by the seller on the completion of a realestate sale, and thus received by the broker(s). But because there are often a few different players involved in the

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Here are the most common abbreviations used inrealestate. They are used often in advertisements and on the multiple listing service sites in the descriptions of a property. Agents use them for two simple reasons.

What does POS mean in real estate
Whatdoes progression inrealestatemean? A realestate valuation theory which states that a property of lesser value is enhanced through proximity with higher value properties The principle may be evident d…uring the appraisal process whereby two or more buildings with similar amenities are.

What Does Et Al Mean in Real Estate? - Legalbeagle.com
"Et al." means "and the rest." It is a Latin abbreviation used in traditional legal language to refer to others in a contract. Its main benefit is to name just one or two people out of a group so a person doesn't have to write them all out every time. Without it, the sheer wave of names needlessly prolongs.