What kind of fish for a 5 gallon tank

What kind of fish is best for a 5 gallon tank
Whatkindoffish are good tank mates fora female Betta in a5-gallontank? The main thing to make sure about getting new tankmates is that they won't cause harm to the fish and vice versa. Here are some possible things you could put in the 5-gallontank (including your fish).

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The Best 5-gallontankfish combinations? Overall a5-gallontank is very small so you’re limited to what you can put in it. Well, good news

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I'd like to eventually restock it with new fish in a few weeks, which leads me to ask: whatkindsoffish can thrive in a 2.5gallon? The tank is low light, no fert, heated, and filtered. It's fairly densely planted and has a piece of driftwood in it (the old.

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The 5gallonfishtank is a small one but filtration is still an important part of the equation – even more so when you’re working with delicate fish like bettas. Debris and impurities can mount up quickly. And as bettas are one of the more popular fishfor beginners, they need the right kindof care and.

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how many fish do you have? whatkindsoffish? the rule offish is their full grown size an inch per gallon. so if you have a5