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Using henna is a wonderful way to dye your hair red without using chemical dyes.[1] Natural henna thickens hair, helps protect the scalp from sun damage, and contributes to healthier hair and scalp. Rather than chemically coating your hair, it stains it with a different shade, allowing your natural color.

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Black, brunette or blonde. Henna is a healthy application on the hair rather than hair color. If not then why use henna at mehendi sessions in weddings and other

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Dark hair shades, including chocolate brown and black, won’t see any real color change with henna, but your locks will look shinier and glossier afterward.

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It has hair coloring, hair masking, hair toning and antiseptic properties. It oxidizes when exposed to the air and water, so when it is added to lukewarm water

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Hennaforhair is usually confused with blackhenna, red henna or other herbal combinations containing little or no henna at all. Most of these henna dyes are not pure henna as they contain, besides different herbs, certain bleaches like barium peroxide and chemicals that are responsible for.

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Henna (Lawsonia inermis): Henna acts as the perfect color agent in this mixture. This powder, which is derived from henna leaves, helps get the hair