What to do when a woman cries

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So, whenawomancries it means she doesn't know how to react to what happened; she may be sad or happy or surprised or even horrified. It could also mean the surrounding is tearing her up, like the crackers smoke or any other harming substance. The reason I guess you are asking this question is.

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Most people cry, but women tend to cry more often than men. [1] If you find yourself confronted by awoman who is crying, there are steps you can

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criesWhenawomancries There is no sadder song So you apologize You apologize Even if you don't know that you've done wrong But if you really want to make her happy To stop her sobbing and her sound Just hold her close and love When the womancries Just don't waste your time thinking Of the.

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Whenwomencry, those who know us best know exactly whattodo: get out the ice cream, try their best to relate to us, and play an episode of Girls until the tears are replaced with laughter. But whena guy cries, things can get complicated. Here are 15 things you probably shouldn’t dowhena man cries.