When to go to doctor for insect bite

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What kind of doctor specializes in insectbites and illnesses caused by insects? Which doctor should I goto for an ingrown nail infection?

An Insect Bite Bigger than a Quarter – Should You Go See a Doctor?
Ever had a very large, inflamed insectbite and freaked out? Doctors Tom Miller and Mark Eliason discuss your body’s defenses when it comes to bug bites and how you can treat most of them safely at home.

Dog Bite - Insect Bite- When to Go to the ER - North Suburban
When dealing with an animal or insectbite, it can be hard to know whether or not togoto the ER. Many bites are minor and can be treated at home

How to treat insect bites
Getting bitten by insects is not inevitable if you take precautions. The majority of bitinginsects are out in the evening, so this is when you need to be most

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i got bit by something when i wentto the fair a few weeks ago and i just wentto the doctors swollen.when i wentto the doctors last tuesday they also did a

When should you go to the doctor for a spider bite? - Utica Park Clinic
Bites from a black widow spider can elicit pain, which may spread from the site of the bite to the stomach, back or chest. Some people experience severe abdominal cramping, along with excessive sweating at the bite mark or all over the part of the body that was bitten. Bites from a brown recluse.