Who made the first american flag with 50 stars

Who made the flag with 50 stars?
Heft handmade 100 stars - 50 for the front of the flag and 50 for the back. The only aspect that he changed from the previous design was

who made the first american flag
ThefirstAmerican colonial flagwithstars of which there is a record was that displayed in 1775 by the armed schooner Lee. The flag of the Lee was white. Near its center was a blue anchor partially enclosed by a scroll, and above the anchor was inscribed the word “Hope.”

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Ask anyone who grew up in America about thefirstflag and they will probably say Betsy Ross made it. The Americanflag has undergone several changes

Who Designed the 50-Star American Flag?
Most Americans know the story of Betsy Ross, who supposedly sewed the original Americanflagwith 13 stars and 13 stripes at the behest of George Washington during the

How The American Flag Got Its 50th Star - YouTube
Heft's history teacher gave his class an open-ended assignment: make a project illustrating your interest in American history. So Heft redesigned the 48-starAmericanflag to include two additional stars for Hawaii and Alaska. Though his teacher was not impressed, President Dwight D.